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Redevelop the residential and commercial districts at the East Cleveland western gateway to University Circle in order to expand East Cleveland’s property and income tax base, and act as the catalyst for further transformational redevelopment.


  • Develop a unique and inclusive neighborhood that showcases the potential of the East Cleveland residential market, by building over 200 units of new housing.

  • Build new middle-income, owner-occupied housing options that are at the leading edge of design, highly energy-efficient, accessible and offer contemporary lifestyle options, including opportunities for working from home.

  • Create home designs that are not only ultra-competitive but also inspire replication in other communities in the region.

  • Develop a vibrant commercial mixed-use corridor on Euclid Avenue as a western gateway to East Cleveland, leveraging its proximity to the employment hub of University Circle. 

Economic Impact

  • $60 million in new property value

  • $12 million in new household income

  • $240,000 of annual new income tax 

  • 33 jobs created with a payroll of $2.64 million

  • 610 construction jobs created

2022-09-21_24 x 36 Euclid Ave Renderings Digital_no guide_Page_1.jpg
2022-09-21_24 x 36 Euclid Ave Renderings Digital_no guide_Page_2.jpg
2022-09-21_24 x 36 Euclid Ave Renderings Digital_no guide_Page_3.jpg
2022-03-15_Mickey's Final Rendering.jpg
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